About this Project

My name is Maria Gosur, and I’m a designer, web coder, and entrepreneur who loves to create, learn new things, continuously grow, and help others do the same. I run a design group called Creative Seed and other ventures alongside this. In short, my goal list is quite extensive.

As I continue to grow as a person and in my career, I am constantly inspired by a variety of people who have taken the same steps I am trying to, who have triumphed through amazing obstacles, and who show great courage to live their life with authenticity and meaningful work. I know some of these people as colleagues, instructors, and mentors; while others I only know from a distance through books, music, podcasts, and online media.

A collage of photos showing the print magazine.For years, I purposefully and regularly learn from these channels. My topics of interest range from practical categories like business, habits, and design to more emotional-based categories like working with confidence and authenticity.

I’ve always wanted to put together what I continue to learn as reference for myself but also to help others trying to launch their own goals that keep them up at night. What started as a project idea years ago became an influential project experience in graduate school where I created a magazine deliverable that compiled my intense learning for one semester. This blog is a continuation of this project in online format. I hope the learning I am absorbing and sharing here too helps and inspires you to reach your own purposeful goals.

We’ve all “been there, done that” at some point but grew past that into something better; and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. At some point, we can tell the second half of the story:–“I’ve been there, yes, but now I am doing this.”